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Which ideas can I translate?

Yours, obviously.
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What have I translated so far?

I am still working on this section adding several projects from my portfolio, please come back soon to see the updates.

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Project Details

    alien shield


    #creativecode #opensource #java #glsl #processing #kinect
    Started : 2019
    Tags : #creativecode #opensource #java #shaders #processing #kinect
    Technologies : Processing, Java, GLSL, OpenGL, Kinect, libfreenect

    The Idea

    Using GLSL shaders in Processing is possible and even quite convenient. Unfortunately more advanced use cases are not that well documented.

    The Code

    Pieces of code which I am usually using in other projects. They cover effects of my research on how to use Processing together with Kinect and more advanced OpenGL.

    The Impact

    Hard to asses, I wish I had this code before I started working with Kinect. I hope this code will save someone's time.

    alien shield

    Hypnotic shaders

    #creativecode #art #opensource #glsl
    Date : 2018
    Tags : #creativecode #art #opensource #glsl
    Technologies : GLSL
    Gallery : See on Shadertoy
    Show : Let me know if you want to use them as visuals, they can be tweaked to visualize a music

    The Idea

    I wanted to learn what is possible to achieve visually with so called fragment shaders. I am inspired by pure geometrical forms.

    The Code

    Writing shaders requires special kind of imagination, where combination of many math abstracts create the visual. It is like if the screen was the canvas, and the math was the tool. Quite challenging, but also very satisfactory.

    The Impact

    I want to explore shaders even more in the future. I am thinking about creating interactive simulations of artificial life forms.

    aggressive flowers

    Aggressive Flowers

    #creativecode #art #java
    Date : 2018
    Technologies : Processing, Java
    Note : Feel free to use these generated graphics, for example as textures.
    Other experiments : Check Vimeo

    The Idea

    I started with simple pixel shader simulation of bubbles, but the project developed a bit further. The more velocity a "flower" has, the more extreme petals it gets.

    The Code

    My first experiments with Processing.

    The Impact

    I learned that CPU is not fast enough for shaders :) But I also learned how to optimize the performance, use trigonometric functions in polar coordinates, apply Brownian motion, mix colors and make movies out of generated frames.

    cartesian creatures

    Cartesian Creatures

    #creativecode #javascript #web #art #opensource
    Date : 2018
    Technologies : JavaScript, CodePen
    Source : GitHub

    The Idea

    Make it easy to write simple pixel shaders in JavaScript and maybe teach kids how to do it.

    The Code

    An app dynamically loading minimal code fragments to be visualized.

    The Impact

    This project turned to be something more than I intended. Somehow it wrote itself together with all the ideas I had in mind, becoming more "self-aware" about evolution of both, the technology and the human culture. It drifted into direction of philosophical manifesto dressed in the form of primitivized electronic display.

    cartesian creatures

    Fullstack Dev @ Fresh Energy

    #enterprise #role #java #javascript
    Date : 2017-2018
    Tags : #enterprise #role #java #javascript
    Technologies : Java, Spring, JavaScript, React+Redux, AWS, Pivotal CloudFoundry
    Website : Fresh Energy

    The Idea

    I joined Fresh Energy as the full stack developer. I wanted to work on projects more aligned with my personal values and the field of green energy and transparency of electricity consumption fits here. I also wanted to learn more about modern frontend frameworks and the machine learning scaled to production systems.

    The Code

    I was developing both, the Spring backend and the React frontend.

    The Impact

    In the beginning I helped to develop the new customer registration process. Soon after I joined the company we had to become real electricity provider on the German market, which required quite complex technical migration of existing user base and involved many changes in integrations within our tech stack. We also migrated from CloudFoundry to pure AWS.

    And last but not least, at Fresh Energy I also had a pleasure of working with ThoughtWorks consultants.

    cartesian creatures


    #creativecode #java #art #opensource
    Date : 2017-2018
    Technologies : Java, Selenium
    Source : GitHub
    Illustration : taken from the Trauma Doll by Sofia Crespo

    The Idea

    The idea came from the artist Polly Yim as part of a bigger vision - a meditation on how phenotype, reflecting ethnicity, is contributing to perceived attractiveness and how does it relate to objectification of human body.

    The Code

    It is a bot. But it is designed to transcend own kind. Abstract enough to scrape the content from any type of dating website, it is not focusing on the question how, but rather what. What is happening in the mind of an agent acting out of lust. Therefore the code is modeled after simple phenomenological model of mind which turns to be an interesting and efficient technique of modeling automated agent.

    The Impact

    The project was never used for the original purpose. But I want to use the same technique for testing our software at Grazer.



    #opensource #java #javascript
    Started : 2017
    Technologies : Transpilation, Google Closure, Java, JavaScript, RxJava, Material Components, GitHub API
    Demo: Web
    GitHub : github-users
    Octocat's father : Robert Bowen

    The Idea

    Write your app's logic only once, and then transpile it for Web, Android and iOS, effectively reducing the cost of ownership. There are solutions for that, but they don't give developers a full control over UX. Fortunately I know that Google has an internal solution addressing that.

    The Code

    Unfortunately Google is not giving any blueprints how to achieve the goal with their open source tools, so I decided to reverse-engineer their approach. The architecture is following Model View Presenter paradigm, where presenters are written only once, together with comprehensive tests, and then transpiled for each platform.

    The Impact

    For now on only web version was delivered as the proof of concept. But this project establishes architectural patterns which I would like to use in any future app I will build.

    Bonial GEO

    #enterprise, #backend, #library, #java
    Date : 2016 - 2017
    Technologies : Java, RxJava, RTree

    The Idea

    When I joined Bonial it was a time when the company was growing rapidly, and the technological stack - a monolith inherited after early startup days, could not cope with the volume of mobile traffic. While coping with outages on daily basis, I learned that there is a significant difference if your servers are hit by hundreds of thousands of users and when they are hit by millions of them.

    So here is the idea. If someone asks: "give me all the interesting content around me", then how to answer this question as fast as possible, assuming that virtually unlimited number of actors might be asking this question in the same time.

    Process Control & Management

    enterprise, backend, app, java
    Date : 2002 - 2006
    Categories : enterprise, backend, app, java
    Website : NCDC solutions
    Technologies : Java, Oracle, TIA, PL/SQL, Swing, JDBC, JMS, Oracle AQ, Apache Avalon/Fortress, JavaMail, Velocity, SEDA, TIA, JGraph, java.util.concurrent

    The Idea

    When kids play with the Lego Mindstorms, they are constructing robots, but also draw diagrams which describe complete behavior of these machines. At NCDC we wanted to create Lego for business.

    We wanted to allow managers to easily describe business cases in their companies, and instantly make the diagrams alive. We also wanted to provide insights into process execution.

    The Code

    First months of the project were spent on purely conceptual work: discussions, diagrams, simulations, prototypes. I was studying Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus at the moment, and the design is strongly influenced by this book: The world is everything that is the case

    The system was split into so called Engine and Designer part. The Engine is a kind of virtual machine which executes diagrams created in the Designer thanks to special notation derived from classical flowchart. The Engine is based on simulation techniques similar to Petri nets, theory of workflow systems and workflow patterns, so called staged event-driven architecture for effective concurrent processing, and functional programming.

    The Impact

    We achieved very robust workflow engine which is much easier to use than contemporary solutions based on various Business Process Management standards. System-wide the PCM could be considered as special actor - highly effective artificial employee.

    The PCM system was deployed in several countries, and automates various processes in insurance business. It handles even hundreds of thousands of simultaneous cases, which sometimes take months to complete. It effects in millions of atomic activities such us: money transfer, execution of business procedure, awaiting for case related signal.

    They are only animals

    activism, web, art
    Date : February 2012
    Client : BASTA!
    Categories : activism, web, art
    Technologies : HTML, CSS

    The Idea

    Present independent Polish documentary on relation between humans and other species.

    The Code

    I received original graphics in the street art convention. It was very interesting challenge to combine them as HTML template for the site. The process is described here [Polish].

    The Impact

    The Vege magazine awarded the film as the best Polish initiative promoting cruelty free diet in the year 2012 [Polish]. Official screenings were promoted by highly targeted Facebook Ads campaign. Bilingual site still attracts new visitors.

    tree of life

    Differentia Javaica

    #opensource #library #java
    Date : 2009
    Tags : #opensource #library #java
    Technologies : Java, AST, code generators
    GitHub : Open
    Note : There are much better tools available now and fulfilling similar purpose. Check out Google's Compile Testing.
    Etymology : If it puzzles you, check what differentia specifica means.

    The Idea

    While working at NCDC, I was preparing many code generators for other teams. Testing correctness of generated code might be cumbersome. I wanted to verify the new structure logically, not textually.

    The Code

    It is a simple library loading both, generated and verification code as Java Abstract Syntax Tree, and then comparing these trees logically.

    The Impact

    The project enabled NCDC to use Test Driven Development for code generators.


    Date : 2008 - 2012
    Technologies : Java, Oracle, TIA, PL/SQL, GWT, google guice

    The Idea

    Coming soon.


    Date : 2008 - 2012
    Technologies : Java, Oracle, TIA, PL/SQL, GWT, google guice

    The Idea

    Coming soon.

    • It was a true pleasure to work with Kazik. He is a brilliant professional. He is great not only at finding great, beautiful technical solutions and writing great, bullet-proof code, but also at finding the right balance between architectural elegance and the engineering pragmatism needed in order to develop real products for the real world. Not to mention, he is a guy with great human qualities: empathy, patience, calmness, etc.
      Simply top!

      Al Villegas

      Al Villegas / Head of enterprise architecture at kaufDA - Bonial International Group

    • Kazik is a person knowing things that most people don't even have slightest idea about. Thanks to smooth cooperation and his engagement in the project, he created everything we really needed.

      Łukasz Musiał

      Łukasz Musiał / co-author of They are only animals documentary

    Who I am?

    My name is Kazik Pogoda and Xemantic is an umbrella for various projects I've been working on

    For the last two decades I have been building software while playing different roles in many organizations. Starting from system engineering, desktop applications, through backend, frontend, various integrations across many industries till cloud computing, I gained enough experience to design and implement complex IT systems. I also had a pleasure to be technical leader of international team of amazing developers.

    But if you are looking for a manager, that's not me.

    Why I do what I do?

    I always want to make something that matters, my goal is to make the highest quality code. I work on key components equipping organizations with competitive advantage, either in terms of features, performance or scalable development process.

    Now, my mission is to use my skills to make a difference. My motivations lie in improving the life of sentient beings. If you have ideas related to animal welfare, food security, green energies, or sustainability in general, please contact me.

    How do I work?

    experience, skills, methodologies

    Programming nowadays is less about writing code and more about using search engines for finding tools, ready components and services. What becomes important is the ability to tell which of them are the most relevant for the challenge. Meritocracy works only when the context of knowledge is broad enough.

    So most of the time coding is expressing business domain using dozens of Open Source libraries and frameworks. Added value might also come from integration with external data and service providers. But when understanding your domain well enough, it might be that custom made core technology is the only way to go in order to scale and perform. I was involved in many such a projects.

    I am fan of domain driven design, test driven development, microservices and reactive systems. I also believe that developers should design metrics to measure performance of their code on production.

    I prefer Java/Linux/Cloud ecosystems. But I am also watching closely what is happening outside these fences. For deployments I will try to go as serverless as possible by utilizing PaaS, IaaS, FaaS, DaaS, etc. offerings.

    And last but not least, even if writing clean code takes more time, I strongly believe that upfront intelligent effort is reducing Total Cost of Ownership significantly. And in perspective it will let developers provide new features instead of dealing with technical debt.

    • Java
    • GLSL
    • Shaders
    • Linux
    • Functional/Reactive Programming
    • Software Architecture
    • Full Stack Development
    • Requirement Analysis
    • Writing
    • Big Data
    • AWS
    • Google Cloud
    • Oracle

    Where can you reach me?

    The work is not a place but an activity. You can contact me via the Internet, but if you want to meet in person, then most likely it would be in Berlin.

    Kazik Pogoda

    • Berlin, Germany
    • +49 159 0 31 67 521
    • LinkedIn profile